2 Ways To Bring Spirituality To Your Business

4 June 2015
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You may not think that it's possible to bring spirituality into your business. It seems like spirituality and business wouldn't work well together, and may even interfere with one another. However, they really aren't incompatible. You can bring spirituality into your business and set up practices that can help any employees be more spiritual. It can help improve your employees' well-being. Read this article to learn more. 

Spirituality vs. Religion

Before you start anything, it's important to remember that spirituality and religion aren't the same thing. You may feel spiritual without going to a church or practicing any religion. Spirituality is more about mindfulness and trying to improve yourself so that you can lead the best possible life you can. As long as you remember to separate the two, it's possible bring spiritual practices into your business that any employee of any religion can use. 

Create a Peaceful Space

One way that you can promote spirituality at your workplace is to create a small space where people can go to meditate, pray, or collect themselves. That space doesn't have to be large, it just has to be peaceful. That can mean a room with a closing door so that people within can have some privacy and quietness. It should also include a ban on wireless devices and phones. Those things can get in the way of trying to be mindful. 

Encourage Charitable Giving and Service

Encouraging your employees to do things like donating to charity or doing service projects for their community can do many things. The biggest thing it does is to help people in your community. But it also helps you and your employees feel better about yourselves. Encouraging doesn't mean making it mandatory. It can mean doing things like offering a matching program. For example, if your employee donates a certain amount to a charity, then you may match the amount. Or, you could offer time off to do specific projects in the community, like helping neighborhoods to recover from natural disasters or building houses for the homeless. You may even try to get a business-wide service group to go out to do things like that. 

If you want to do what you can to promote spirituality in your business so that you can help your employees, but you aren't sure what you should do, there are consultants, with companies like Ariyana A Star Child, who can look at your business and offer you more suggestions about what you can do.